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Driven by the emergence of new technologies, Industry 4.0 refers to a new generation of connected, robotised and intelligent factories, in which employees, machines and products interact thanks to an excellent command of data. A real challenge, but also a breeding ground for opportunities for French industry, this new chapter is only waiting to be written by pioneers like you.

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Ondustry brings together Industry 4.0 professionals, so they can learn, exchange, and create real connections through shared knowledge and exclusive resources. Connect to a network of Industry 4.0 leaders you can rely on to move forward!

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Based on the observation that operational staff in industry often find themselves alone when faced with their problems, we decided to create a dedicated space for them, where they can exchange views freely with their peers. Any topic is fair game! As long as Industry 4.0 and goodwill are at the heart of the discussions.

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"This community allows industrial executives to rely on each other and learn about the latest advances in digital plant transformation. The events are excellent for networking!"

Charles Bouygues,
Director of Integration and Transformation, NexTeam


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